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Evaluating and selecting the right collaborative project and portfolio management software for your organization can be quite the challenge. This article highlights important points to look at in a Portfolio Management Solution for an enterprise.


Who Gets Benefit

Executive Management

  • Balance portfolios, prioritized investment
  • Align resource with strategic enterprise objective
  • Evolve ideas, proposals, initiatives to measurable program and projects

Project and Program Managers

  • Make timely, informed decisions based on accurate project data
  • Ensure best practices are repeated for all management processes
  • Actively manage risks and issues
  • Insure time and expenses are tracked


  • Leverage reusable process templates for collaboration and communication
  • Communicate, coordinate and collaborate globally

The evaluation criteria in the checklist breaks down into the following categories:

Portfolio management

With the right PPM solution, senior executives will be able to:

  • Approve the correct projects
  • Track projects easily
  • Allocate resources effectively

Project management

With the right PPM solution, project managers will be able to:

  • Start quickly
  • Manage projects easily
  • Inform others systematically

Work management

With the right PPM solution, team members will:

  • Fully understand their role
  • Deliver work easily
  • Collaborate more efficiently with others
  • Effective implementation of a PPM solution will give all team members full visibility into the status of the projects they are working on and ensure they have a good understanding of what their role is in the projects that they are involved with.

Organizational project management

Project Management champions will be able to:

  • Deploy the tool with little burden
  • Coordinate with all team members
  • Evolve new project management best practices

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