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Research findings highlight that a substantial portion of data center downtime results from human errors occurring during maintenance and operational processes. To fortify their defenses, organizations are advised to subject their data center operations to meticulous audits, mitigating risk factors and pinpointing avenues for enhancement.

The DCOS® audit serves as a yardstick, evaluating data center governance, maintenance, and operations against the 11 essential disciplines encompassed by DCOS®.

Data center administrators have the flexibility to opt for an all-encompassing audit spanning all 11 disciplines or select specific subsets of one or more disciplines, prioritizing those deemed most critical to their context.

Invariably, many data centers initiate their journey with a focus on four pivotal disciplines: Service Level Management, Facilities Management, Data Center Operations, and Monitoring/Reporting/Control. Other disciplines also garner significant attention, such as Security Management, Governance, Risk & Compliance, Safety Management, and Environmental Sustainability.

Notably, the DCOS® certification accommodates data centers in the UAE of varied types and sizes. There is no precondition for data center facilities to be designed or certified according to any specific standard. The DCOS® certification stands as an independent and self-standing assurance of operational excellence.

1.Service Level Management
3.Safety Management
4.Security Management
5.Project Management
6.Facilities Management
7.Data Center Operations
8.Environmental Sustainability
9.Monitoring / Reporting / Control
10.Organizational Resilience
11.Governance, Risk & Compliance

Each selected discipline will undergo an evaluation of its maturity utilizing the widely embraced 5-level process maturity framework.

Data Centre Audit Maturity leve


At the pinnacle, DCOS-5 denotes the utmost level of maturity, signifying impeccably managed and harmonized processes across all 11 disciplines, fortified by meticulously honed continuous improvement strategies. This epitomizes an exceptionally adept operations team, operating with minimal risk exposure. For many data centers, the initial audit frequently aspires to achieve a DCOS level 3 maturity for specific chosen disciplines.

The audit report furnishes the organization with a lucid perspective of its existing operational maturity. This insight empowers the data center to establish accurate anticipations concerning its competencies both within the organization and for external clients.

This enables the organization to strategically allocate its human resources to areas where they can wield the most profound influence. Concentrating on enhancing the processes presenting challenges yields instant enhancements in the data center's service capacities and service levels, directly benefiting its clientele.

Upon successfully attaining the DCOS® certification in the UAE or Middle East, the data center will be granted the EPI DCOS® certificate, along with the authorization to utilize the DCOS® emblem for promotional purposes. Furthermore, the data center's certificate and details will be featured on EPI's official website at www.epi-certification.com/sites/map.

Enhances Safety and Environmental Sustainability, Minimizes Risk
The DCOS® certification serves as a yardstick for operational disciplines, empowering organizations to enhance processes that impact risk, safety, and environmental sustainability.

Inspires Trust among Customers, Board Members, and Investors
DCOS® certification stands as an autonomous and globally acknowledged endorsement of a data center's operational maturity level.

Fulfills Commitments and Ensures Customer Satisfaction
It enables data centers to accurately communicate their capabilities to both internal and external customers, aligning expectations effectively.

Demonstrates Exemplary Corporate Governance
DCOS® certification attests to a data center's meticulous due diligence in risk reduction, risk management, and operational efficiency.

Elevates Global Visibility and Competitiveness
Inclusion on EPI's website (www.epi-certification.com/sites/map) ensures transparency, bolstering the data center's in the UAE and Middle East giving them worldwide recognition.

Yields Cost-Efficiency and Enhanced Productivity
Effective operations management exerts a broad-reaching impact across organizational dimensions, resulting in minimized waste, heightened performance, contented staff, reduced turnover, improved sustainability, and more.

EPI boasts an extensive 34-year track record within the data center industry in the UAE and Middle East, and its globally renowned standing attests to its consistent delivery of top-tier services. With recognized expertise and official credentials, EPI is primed to furnish DCOS® audit and certification services in the UAE that will effectively safeguard your company's reputation and assets.

As an Accredited Certification Body (CB), EPI adheres to stringent due process guidelines, legally empowered to issue certificates in alignment with its ISO-17021 Certification Body accreditation. EPI's Auditors are eminently qualified as certified subject matter experts and auditors. Armed with a trio of certifications—CDFOS (Certified Data Center Facilities Operations Specialist), CDFOM (Certified Data Center Facilities Operations Manager), and ISO Lead Auditor—they bring a wealth of expertise to the table.

EPI meticulously follows the ISO Audit Process, underpinned by the accredited ISO 19011 methodology. EPI's global reach is truly comprehensive, maintaining fully staffed offices across 11 locations that span every continent. This strategic presence ensures seamless access to commercial and technical support, even in local languages, simplifying communication and assistance.

Leveraging its proprietary audit tool, EPI streamlines operations by minimizing redundancy, enhancing data precision, clarifying audit reports, validating compliance, and generating dependable DCOS® audit reports. This tool amplifies customer confidence, offering unmatched reliability and assurance.


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