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Unbiased Data Center Consulting: Your Trusted Partner for Success

We are an independent data center consulting firm, free from any affiliations with builders, constructors, or equipment manufacturers. This ensures our recommendations prioritize your best interests and deliver impartial, objective advice.

We meticulously select evaluation criteria for vendor bids. By collaborating with you, we build a balanced scorecard that aligns chosen vendors with achieving your specific data center goals.

 Instruction to Bidders

 General Terms and Conditions of the Contract

 Bidder’s Eligibility Criteria

 Scope of Work (Sow) & deliverables

 Bill of Quantities (BoQ)

 Proposal formats (Technical, Commercial, and Support)

Once the project’s design phase is complete, the bid process management phase starts. This phase includes the preparation of tender documents for the Data Center project. The technical specifications predominantly cover the following areas for the design specifications.

The contractor’s scope of work is depicted in the tender drawings. Drawings submitted as part of a tender are not the foundation for fabrication or construction. Based on the precise proposals made by the contractors, Tender Drawings must be amended and augmented with further detail. 

The tender documents, which are based on the standard and rating level, include but are not limited to the following drawings:

Are YOU uncertain about project costs in your data center bidding process?  Infoserve provides a FREE Bill of Quantities (BoQ) within tender documents.

The BoQ Advantage:

  • Clear project materials & labor breakdown
  • Enables informed bidding for contractors
  • Streamlines tender evaluation for you
  • Optimizes data center project costs

We possess the tools to perform bid evaluation exercises and assist customers in selecting the most appropriate vendor for Data Center implementation after a transparent bidding process. In the bid evaluation exercise, the following key areas are examined.

 Development of the vendor grading mechanism for evaluation purposes

 Assessment of the solution best suited for the customer

 Preparation of final bid evaluation report and recommendations


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