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Pio-Tech is known as an innovation hub that provides most effective and creative banking solutions, which serve digital transformation and business acceleration across the Middle East and the African Continent.

Pio-Tech was established in 2003, with a small, dynamically motivated team of seven who were set to shape and inspire the Jordanian tech scope, fuelled by far-reaching ambitions regionally and internationally.

The founding stones of working with sheer integrity paved the way for trustful ties with valuable clients, hence granting the company a firm, exclusive stand as a market leader in its field.



Compliance tech

We help you embrace the new technologies enabling your digital transformation, which in turn will help you handle the different and increasing demand from regulators, and central banks reporting with ease.

Our Bank-BI compliance platform ensures that you are fully compliant with these requirements and help protect your bank by avoiding the penalties set by these regulators and central banks by means of automating them. This will also free your employees to perform the tasks that require more intelligence and therefore becoming more productive.


With the increasing huge numbers of internal and external processes banks have to deal with on daily bases; be it from opening an account to approving syndicated loans and trade finance facilities or even bank’s operations procedures, we help banks become more efficient by drawing more focus on developing straight through processing (STP) using RPA technology with less human interference and expediting the decision process in an automated way to maintain their leading position in the market and improve their profitability.

Bank-BPM Business Suite to chiefly automating processes, reducing redundancy and identifying and avoiding bottle-nicks, extra costs, all with minimal human interference, making your bank better, faster and smarter.


Optimize your Banks performance and improve your ROI by ensuring that you have the best processes, employees and customers journey.

Bank-BI Platform identifies key journeys in a roadmap to improve ROI and envision a clear path to an overall performance enhancement across all business areas.


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