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The BIAN (Banking Industry Architecture Network) certification is intended for those enterprise, business and solution architects in the financial services industry (FSI) who are interested in applying the BIAN Industry Standard in their organization and how they can contribute to helping the BIAN standard fulfil their (organization's) needs.


This course is most suited for professionals belonging to the IT Management sector and Enterprise Architects that want to learn more about the benefits of an industry wide standard, adopted by financial institutions and major software vendors all around the globe.

There are no prerequisites. All are Welcome.

After successfully completing the course and achieving the certification you will be able to directly see the benefits. The course will enable BIAN certified professionals to:

  • Ensure more efficient and affective development and integration of software solutions for and between banks
  • Benefit from better industry integration and collaboration through the usage of (open) API's
  • Enhance the evolution and adoption of shared third party business services
  • Improve the operational efficiency within and between banks and provide the opportunity for greater solution and capability re-use within and among banks
  • Significantly lower the overall integration costs of your organization
  • Ensure the adoption of more flexible business service sourcing models
  • Support FinTechs and Regtechs to gain easier insight into the complex financial services industry structure

Topics that will be covered are The BIAN capability model, the BIAN Service Landscape, it's Service Domains, how to apply the BIAN Standard and how to assemble an Enterprise blueprint. Modules that will be in focus are:

  • Introduction to BIAN
  • BIAN's primary purpose and approach
  • Understanding the theory of BIAN
  • The BIAN service landscape
  • How to apply the BIAN standard
  • Assembling a representative enterprise blueprint
  • An enterprise blueprint is a framework for analysis
  • BIAN's and TOGAF's ADM phases


The BIAN Foundation course is for 2 days (8hrs per day) and is delivered via Online Live Virtual Training.

The BIAN Foundation exam is for 60mins closed book with 60 questions. Students need to score 80% to Pass the exam.

After successfully passing the BIAN Foundation exam, the delegates will receive the official certificate from Van Haren, The Netherlands.

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Source: Van Haren


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