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The Emotional Intelligence workshop is a highly engaging session, that will help you build a better understanding of how emotions can impact better business results. By the time you finish this emotional intelligence session you will be equipped with real tools & techniques that will immediately improve you to create your 2.0 version.

Whilst IQ takes you so far EI - Emotional Intelligence will take you to the next level. "Leaders are not born, they are made".

Emotional intelligence is an important characteristic for anyone at any level of an organization. A person's emotional intelligence can have a far-reaching influence over their relationships, how they manage their teams and generally how they interact with individuals in the workplace.

In this highly experiential Emotional Intelligence workshop you will learn how to foster innovation, successfully communicate and build an organization culture where everyone will be able to thrive.


After completing the Emotional Intelligence session, you will be able to:

  • Understand Emotional Intelligence and how high EI improves communication and productivity
  • See things from the perspective of others to increase interpersonal skills
  • Develop your level of emotional intelligence
  • Identify negative consequences of unmanaged emotions on your personal effectiveness
  • Describe the importance of emotional intelligence of building good relationships
  • Increase your empathy and social skills
  • Practice techniques to achieve greater self-awareness, self-control and self-motivation
  • Understand how emotional intelligence can be applied at the workplace to enhance employee relationships and increase productivity

There are NO pre-requisites for this course.

  • Inside and outside world
  • Seeing things from the perspective of others
  • Definition of emotional intelligence
  • Recognizing emotion in self and others
  • The impact of being controlled by emotions
  • Developing the 5 competencies of emotional intelligence
  • Flexing behavior to the different Social Styles
  • Techniques to deal with emotional hijacking
  • Developing focused listening skills
  • Overcoming limited beliefs
  • Use EI skills to develop your full potential
  • Creating resourceful emotional states to connect better with others

This is a 1-day workshop delivered via In-Person for a Private Group or Corporate employees only.

The delegates will receive a "Certificate of Achievement" on completion of the course.


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