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Evaluating a technology solution has never been easy for any enterprise. It often brings uncomfortable situation to evaluation team when you discover you’ve outgrown your resources. The same is applicable IAM solution these days. In order to evaluate a best fit IAM solution, here are some pointers to be looked.

The objective of IAM solution is not only managing user access in the system, but also ensure the IT auditors gets all types of reports required to keep an organization compliant with Information Security and Quality of Services guidelines.

Analysts such as Gartner have been conducting research to help businesses understand what is required to meet industry demands now and what will be required to remain competitive as things quickly evolve in the not-too-distant future. A recent report by Gartner, Finding the Right Consumer IAM Products, reveals some interesting findings for any business grappling with how to manage and secure a growing mass of customer identities.

One truth that emerged from the research is that if you are challenged with adding consumer IAM solutions to your infrastructure, you’re not alone. According to Gartner, by 2018 50% of IT/IAM programs will be responsible for both enterprise and consumer infrastructure. Today, the percentage is less than 20%. It’s a significant jump in a short time period.

Here are just a few to consider as you weigh different consumer identity and access management vendors:

  • Self Service Request Capability including account creation and birth right access provision
  • Emphasis on Identities collaboration and management across multiple sources HRMS, AD services, ERP sources etc
  • Access provision and revoking functions for all types of cross platform applications
  • On boarding process capability for new joiners
  • Access request review, management and reporting
  • Roles mining management and entitlements mapping among business and IT roles
  • Policy management and enforcement
  • Workflow engine capabilities
  • User access risk management
  • Analytics and reporting capability

In short, the key functionalities of successful IAM solutions are support for customer experience management, scale and performance, Web and mobile access and uncompromising security. These features will give you the capabilities necessary to manage customer identities in ways that enhance customer experience and ultimately grow your business.

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