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INFOSERVE believes that continuous learning is a successful strategy for achieving long-term business goals and retaining employees with high talents.  Our unique training programs empower employees to drive performance, implement change and improve their abilities while organizations save time and cost to meet career development objectives.  INFOSERVE can help to upgrade the essential skills or skills that required by employees to transform them capable of taking up new positions that encompass from general roles to executive officers or specific technical jobs.

We are continuously tracking the latest business trends and monitoring employee attitudes to ensure our training contents are relevant, practical and useful to improve efficiency of an organization.  The changing needs of our customers drive the planning and development of our training subjects and contents.   As a result, our satisfied customers always keep coming back to address new training requirements.

INFOSERVE pays great attention on finding exactly the right trainers for each of our client needs, carefully matching backgrounds, experience, chemistry and personality.  Our trainers are highly competent in delivering corporate training programs in a manner that consistently strengthen skills and knowledge of multicultural people through different engagements.  Whatever the sector of your business, we can provide high quality professional trainer including bilinguals (Arabic & English) to meet client’s specific needs.

INFOSERVE has established procedures for review of all training activities to identify and evaluate all possible improvements in methods and processes. Specific customer training requirements are communicated to the participants at the beginning of a course to create clear understanding of the objectives and ensure they are met at the end of a training.  The review of our established quality assurance system ensures that it is achieving expected results, continuing to satisfy the customers, and functioning in accordance with our policy requirements. Post course evaluations are carried out to identify weakness, the cause of weakness and apply corrective actions.

Being a reliable training solutions provider, we are successful in retaining the trust of our customers from diverse industries by developing new level of competency that assures innovation and value in the contributions of employees.  Our mission is to improve your organization’s position in the industry by strengthening the skills and knowledge of your professionals.



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